Forgotten Or Lost Router Password: What Do I Do?

Some handy things to remember:

Compiling Tomato Source Code for NETGEAR WGR614L

Following are steps of downloading and compiling tomato firmware for WGR614L router.

1. Download the source code from site. Link is
2. Create one directory where want to untar the source code and compile it. For example mkdir /home/TOMATO_WGR614L

3. cd /home/TOMATO_WGR614L. You can use your own path also.

4. bunzip2 tomato-src-wgr614L.tar.bz2

5. tar xvf tomato-src-wgr614L.tar

WGR614L Router Setup and Installation Guide

This article will show you how to install and configure your NETGEAR WGR614L for most standard setups.

What is Wi-Fi Protected Setup? (WPS)

Configuring Port Forwarding on WGR614L

The WGR614L Open Source Wireless-G router will do port forwarding by assigning port numbers to a "service" that is associated with the application you want to run.

Use the WGR614L as a Wireless Access Point

WGR614L Firmware Upgrade Using Console and Bootloader

As a developer what saves my board and day most of the time is the serial console and boot-loaders’ ability to download/upload firmware. Even when the something goes badly wrong with the firmware you just compiled - you can use the boot loader to get back to a running firmware and try to debug your under development firmwares.


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